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What pay and support will I get?

We pay our supported lodgings providers a competitive fee with added benefits such as specialist training and support.

What you will earn

As a supported lodgings provider, you will receive payment of £270 per week per young person.

On top of this, each young person receives a personal allowance of £87.20 per week. They should use their allowance to buy their own food and clothing. This amount can change depending on the needs of the young person.

Support for providers

Our supported lodgings providers get practical and professional support. You will work closely with a dedicated social worker and have access to support forums, bespoke training and a clinical psychologist.

Dedicated social worker

You will have a dedicated social worker to help you supervise and support your young person. Your social worker will help you set boundaries and give you advice.

Your young person will also have a dedicated social worker. Your two social workers will work together and help to resolve any issues you might face during the placement.

24 hour support

You can call us at any time. We offer three phone lines which give you access to support 24/7:

  • Office hours support line for queries between 9am-5pm
  • 24/7 support telephone for outside office hours, weekends and bank holidays
  • Emergency duty service

Emergency duty service

The emergency duty service (EDS) is a team of social workers available to help you outside of office hours.

You can call the emergency duty service on Monday to Thursday between 5.30pm to 9am, Friday 4.30pm to Monday 9am, bank holidays, Christmas and New Year's Day.  Our EDS phone number is 0845 606 1212.


We will meet with you regularly to record your young person's progress and find out if you need any more training or support. We will talk about how you’re feeling and check whether the needs of the young person have changed.

Annual review

We review your household each year to find out how you and your young person are getting on. The aim is to find out whether you need more training or support and what your young person is achieving by living with you.

After your first year of being a provider, your annual review includes a meeting with the local fostering and supported lodgings panel. They are a team of independent professionals with the children and family sector who approve you to continue as a supported lodgings provider.

Each year, you will also need to complete a home health and safety check. Every three years, you need to have another DBS check and medical check with your doctor.

Get in touch

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