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Foster carers help build better, brighter futures for hundreds of children across Essex every year.

Essex Fostering is committed to providing the best service and support for children in care and their foster families. We've been matching children with foster parents for more than 50 years and we're proud to be rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. As we oversee all children in care in Essex, our foster carers have the best chance of being paired with a child that suits their family.

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Essex residents urged to consider supported lodgings as a rewarding alternative to fostering

“Offering supported lodgings has totally enriched my life. I wake up every day and feel alive because I know I am helping young people” - Jo Chisholm

“You often want to change the world but when you foster a child you often end up changing their world. And your own.”

Children in care have often missed out on their childhood through trauma and neglect, many have also played a parenting role to their younger siblings and parents. Through nurturing and support foster carers can help a child to heal and give them a second chance at childhood. Single foster carer Fran, has been fostering for over 30 years. Fran currently fosters two girls aged 9 and 18. Fran is keen to provide her foster children with nurturing parental support so that they can focus on being a child again. Fran said: “She had so much responsibility at such a young age. It breaks my heart to hear that she would often resort to begging neighbours for food. She even learnt how to ration food for them, ensuring that when they did have food that it lasted."
Debbie and Alison

"There is no greater reward than seeing your foster children develop into happy young people who are enjoying their childhood!”

Over the past year, there has been much concern across the UK about the impact of Covid on children’s physical and mental wellbeing. They have had disrupted routines, time away from school and missed opportunities to physically interact with friends due to the pandemic. Although only a temporary pause in childhood experiences, there is much concern over the long-lasting impact this period of increased anxiety may have on our young people. It has also highlighted the tragic fact that many children go hungry, unless fed at school.
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Online event: Learn more about fostering & supported lodgings

Saturday 25 September 2021 (11.00am to 1.00pm)
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Online event: Learn more about fostering

Monday 18 October 2021 (7.00pm to 9.00pm)
A woman helping a young boy with drawing

Online event: Learn more about fostering

Saturday 30 October 2021 (11.00am to 1.00pm)