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Foster carers help build better, brighter futures for hundreds of children across Essex every year.

Essex Fostering is committed to providing the best service and support for children in care and their foster families. We've been matching children with foster parents for more than 50 years and we're proud to be rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. As we oversee all children in care in Essex, our foster carers have the best chance of being paired with a child that suits their family.

Susie with her husband and daughter

"If you have a spare bedroom and some extra love to give, you can do it. The difference you can make to a young person is beyond words."

Susie Williams, has been providing supported lodgings for 6 months to an 18-year-old. She explains why she wanted to get involved. “Young people in care need support up to the age of 21, so that they have that transition to independent living. "It’s more than just providing a home and support for independent living though. At that age family support and nurturing is still incredibly important. Especially when they may have suffered significant trauma and neglect or abuse. They need to be nurtured to achieve their goals in the future."

LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week

Next week is LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week and we wanted to celebrate our foster carers from the LGBT+ community for the incredible care they provide to our children. Our carers come from all walks of life, all genders and all ages because we know that what’s important is that they can offer the care, security and stability that a vulnerable child needs. Read Paul and husband Gerry's story of fostering here.
Georgina, her husband and their daughter Martha taking a selfie

"Having a respite foster carer for our disabled daughter has made a huge difference to the whole family"

Georgina and her husband have the help of a respite carer, who looks after their disabled daughter for 14 nights a month. Read their story to find out the difference respite carers make to families. "When Sally and Barry fostered Martha on respite, it felt like a weight had been lifted. Sally is an absolute angel; she means everything to us and we class her as another mum to Martha. We have three other children, Jonah (18), Oscar (14) and Tabitha (9). Plus, we both work so can’t give Martha attention all the time. Sally and Barry can give Martha that 24-hour care she needs implicitly."
A young girl wearing a backpack playing by a river

Online event: Learn more about fostering

Thursday 22 April 2021 (10.30am to 12.30pm)
A man pushing a young boy on a bike in a park

Online event: Learn more about fostering

Saturday 15 May 2021 (11.00am to 1.00pm)
A man pushing a young boy on a bike in a park

Online event: Learn more about fostering

Thursday 20 May 2021 (7.00pm to 9.00pm)