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Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

Children reading

We need adopters for children of all ages. We are particularly looking for adopters for brothers and sisters, toddlers and young children aged 4 and older, and children with disabilities.

We especially want to hear from people who could adopt children like these or who could offer Early Permanence. 

We currently have 17 children waiting for adoption - 8 boys and 9 girls.

Our latest figures for children waiting for adoption are:

  • 10 children aged under 5
  • 7 children aged over 5
  • 3 sibling pairs all the same sex - 2 sets of girls and 1 set of boys
  • 3 children with disabilities

These are real children we’re currently looking for families for. To protect privacy, we’ve changed their names.

Frankie - an affectionate, energetic boy who wants to be loved

A young boy feeding a goat

Frankie’s favourite day would be going to soft play and then to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. He enjoys spending time with people and likes to get involved in all activities, whether that's den-making, playing football or doing obstacles courses in the garden. He also enjoys reading and cuddling up on the sofa to watch a film. Frankie has started attending a theatre club and has a newfound love for singing and dancing.

Frankie is an affectionate, fun and cheeky boy with a beaming smile. He is someone who likes to please those around him and he thrives on praise. His teachers are very fond of him and he is well liked by his peers at school. He enjoys being around other children and is a sociable little boy.

Frankie is fit and healthy but has had a lot of disruption in his life. Because of this, he presents as slightly younger than his chronological age and will need parenting in this way. He needs a lot of stability, consistency and, most of all, nurturing parenting. He will benefit from therapeutic parenting to help him feel safe, secure and loved. He could be cared for by a couple or a single adopter. He can live with much older children or as an only child, and can live with pets. After lots of disruption, he now needs the opportunity to be part of a permanent, loving family home.

Billy - I like lots of cuddles and smiles

Baby sat on floor with toys

Billy likes to be taken outside in the garden or on walks. At this age Billy is curious about everything around him and he loves to watch anything going on.

He is drawn to bright colours and musical toys but at his young age prefers being played with or being sung to and will reward you with lots of smiles, cute babbling and giggles.

Billy sleeps well and enjoys his bath and bedtime routine. Billy is also  feeding well. He presents as a content and happy baby.

Billy did have difficult birth but has been growing and developing well since then, with some delay in development which his health visitor and foster carers is monitoring.


For more information about any of the children featured above, see contact details below.


Telephone: 0800 801 530

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"When the social worker told us we had a son it was jubilation. It was unbelievable." - Sarah K