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Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

Children reading

We need adopters for children of all ages. We are particularly looking for adopters for brothers and sisters, toddlers and young children aged 4 and older, and children with disabilities.

We especially want to hear from people who could adopt children like these or who could offer Early Permanence. 

We currently have 17 children waiting for adoption - 8 boys and 9 girls.

Our latest figures for children waiting for adoption are:

  • 10 children aged under 5
  • 7 children aged over 5
  • 3 sibling pairs all the same sex - 2 sets of girls and 1 set of boys
  • 3 children with disabilities

These are real children we’re currently looking for families for. To protect privacy, we’ve changed their names.


Tom - a lively and happy little boy with a huge smile


Tom has just turned 6 years old and is White British. He is below average height for his age. He is an active and extremely affectionate little boy who has loads of energy. Tom absolutely loves being outdoors, riding his bike, swimming and doing any sort of physical activity. The thing that stands out about Tom is his lovely big smile and enthusiasm. Tom is adventurous, he loves new experiences and his delight is clear to see.  He has a real talent for art and colouring and take a great deal of time and care in these activities.

Tom's boundless energy means that he can struggle to focus and concentrate particularly in a structured environment like school as he is constantly on the go. He also has had difficulty relaxing and settling at night. This however has vastly improved with medication to help him relax. Tom started Year 1 in September and he has taken time adjust to this more structured setting. Tom’s happy, sociable and smiley nature means he is popular with other children and gets on well with them. Tom also plays well on his own. 

Mac & Henry - both boys are adventurous and enjoy physical activity

Two boys playing on carpet

Mac aged 5 and Henry aged 2 are siblings of White British heritage. Mac attends rugby pups and attempts different gymnastic jumps on the trampoline, whilst Henry is a daredevil in the water and is an avid explorer. He will pick up every bug he can find in the garden!

Both boys revel in new experiences and their delight is rewarding to see. Mac is in year 1 of school, is meeting his educational milestones and has made good friendships. He can be enthusiastic and zealous with his friends, so he is being supported with this. He has some therapy at school to support him emotionally. Henry has just started nursery and attends 4 half sessions. He loves creative play and often comes out in different clothes to what he went in due to enjoying the water play a bit too much!

When the boys lived with their birth family, Mac had to undertake some of the parenting roles for Henry. He now lets his foster carer undertake this role, but he can find some situations emotionally difficult and needs support to understand his feelings. Henry bounds in to any situation with speed and vigour, so at the age of 2 he needs to learn rules and boundaries. It is for this reason Mac and Henry need adopters who can be attuned and sensitive, as well as being consistent and able to promote a structured routine.

Emily - an affectionate and determined little girl

Little girl looking at base of a tree

Emily is 2 years old and is White British. Emily is tall for her age. She is an active little girl who loves playing outside, being sung to and nursery rhymes. In the last few months Emily has grown in confidence and recently started attending nursery which she thoroughly enjoys. She is generally a content little girl who is warm and sociable.

Emily is an affectionate little girl who seeks affection from her foster carer and enjoys kisses and cuddles. She can be over tactile with her kissing and cuddling strangers, in particular men. Emily’s language is developing, and she is making progress in this area although overall her speech remains delayed, her understanding of language is good and she understands everything that is said. Emily tends to put most things in her mouth and so needs supervision around this. She is able to feed herself with a fork and has started to potty train with some success.

Emily has “global developmental delay” which means her development is behind other children her age. The cause of her delay has not been established.

Emily’s foster carer enjoys looking after her and describes her as affectionate, happy and determined.

Emily will need adopters who are patient, nurturing and who would feel confident advocating for her. She will also need adopters who can support her understanding of a sensitive family background history and who are able to accept learning difficulties within the family.

Ben - a happy little boy who is smiley and playful

boy with his back to the camera, playing with a toy car

Ben is a happy little boy who generally presents as contented and settled and gets on well with the older children in the household. Ben has a good memory and remembers routes and places. He eats and sleeps well. He is smiley and playful and is now offering hugs to those in the household who enjoy his lovely sense of humour and infectious giggle.

Ben’s motor skills have improved, and the foster carer is working towards Ben being potty trained, he only wears nappies at night. Ben started swimming with arm bands on holiday. His speech is still behind but he is presenting as very clever and good at problem solving.

Ben generally experiences good health. He has some eczema which is being treated appropriately and is under control. Ben is described as very energetic and full of enthusiasm. Ben’s fine and gross motor skills are developing well. He is good at running and does forward rolls. Ben also loves the family dog and enjoys taking it for walks.

Ben attends pre-school for three half day sessions a week; he really enjoys this and is doing well. Ben is described as a confident little boy, who has settled in well in the nursery setting. He enjoys being outdoors, playing on the climbing frame and riding bikes. He also loves playing with his toy cars, trains and building bricks.

Ben’s foster carer states: “He has lots of energy & enthusiasm, a natural explorer. Is willing to give things a go. He has natural rhythm & an ear for music and an infectious laugh.

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"When the social worker told us we had a son it was jubilation. It was unbelievable." - Sarah K