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Fostering for adoption

Close-up of adoptive father with infant son, outdoors on a sunny day

Fostering for adoption is when a child in local authority care is placed with adopters who are also approved as foster carers, in the hope they can later adopt the child.

When the child moves in with the foster carers, no legal decision has been made about the child's future. If the court approves adoption and the agency approves the match, the foster carers can adopt the child.

What are the advantages of fostering for adoption?

  • Many children and babies who could be fostered for adoption are younger than those usually awaiting adoption. This means these children are more likely to have a permanent home from earlier in their lives.
  • Children are not moved from one placement to another while a decision is made about their future?

Is fostering for adoption right for me?

If fostering for adoption is something you could consider, there’s additional training to prepare you.

Initially, as a foster carer you're caring for the child under direct supervision of the local authority.

It is very likely you will be able to adopt the child, but not certain. The court may not agree the adoption plan and the child may leave your care. You'll need to consider what support you might need if this happens.

How can I find out more?

How do I say I'm interested in fostering for adoption?

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"We kept the day our three children moved in low-key, but they were very excited. They went off to sleep with no problems - we were the ones pacing up and down!" - Adam and Michael