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How do I adopt?

Adoptive mother lying in grass with infant son, who has a disability

The process

Step 1: Tell us you are interested in adopting

By either:

Step 2: We will invite you to an information event

These are held on a Saturday each month at County Hall, Chelmsford

At the adoption event, you will:

  • find out more about what's challenging and rewarding about adopting
  • hear first-hand from an adoptive parent
  • find out about the children waiting for adoption
  • meet social workers and ask questions

If adoption seems right for you, we will ask you to fill in a 'Registration of Interest' form to get you started on the process.

Step 3: Pre-assessment

Now you will begin the first round of checks and preparation, known as Stage 1 Pre-Assessment.

Step 4: Training and assessment

Stage 2 is a 4 month process where you will:

  • attend training to build on your skills
  • be assessed by our team of experts

Together we will decide if adoption is the right thing for you and your family.

Step 5: Matching and placement

Once you are approved to adopt, a social worker will work with you to find your child or children.

It's hard to say how long this stage will take, as the right match is important.

More information

Read about the real experiences of some of our families as they went through the adoption process.

Get in touch

If you have not received your information pack within two weeks, please call us on: 0800 801 530

"I thought I would find the process intrusive but I didn't. It opens up a lot of things you haven't thought about." - Sanjeev A.

"Words cannot express the gratitude and affection we have for everyone who played a part in making our dreams come true." – Maria