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Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

Children reading

We need adopters for children of all ages. We are particularly looking for adopters for brothers and sisters, toddlers and young children aged 4 and older, and children with disabilities.

We especially want to hear from people who could adopt children like these or who could offer Early Permanence.

Here are some of the real children we’re currently looking for families for. To protect privacy, we’ve changed their names.

Liam and Toby – brothers with bundles of energy!

Liam has a quirky personality and often makes people laugh, even when he doesn’t mean to. He is a super-fan of Thunderbirds and love to impress people with all of the facts that he knows about the characters. He loves imaginative play such as being teachers and students, or anything to do with space or rockets. Liam is about to turn 7 years old and enjoys attending school. He has a diagnosis of autism and has a support plan in place at school which is working well for him. He is progressing well at school and is especially good at maths. He is generally a fit and healthy little boy, and has a good appetite.

Toby is a energetic 3-year-old boy. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam and Paw Patrol. He also likes playing with cars and action figures. He is affectionate and will seek out cuddles, also telling his carer that he loves her. Toby is generally fit and healthy but has some speech delay; with the right parenting and interaction, his speech is improving greatly and he is putting several words together. He has started attending pre-school which he enjoys and is making friends. He enjoys the company of others and likes to get involved with whatever is going on around him.

Liam and Toby have had a lot of change and disruption in their short lives; they now need to live together in an adoptive home. They need a two-parent family with no other children as they are two boisterous boys who need plenty of time and attention to support their development.

James, Sarah and Jack – caring and endearing children who have a lovely relationship with one another

Backs of three children holding hands standing in a garden

James is a kind and thoughtful 6-year-old boy, who is quiet in nature. He loves to read and tries hard in all that is asked of him. He has started to really enjoy writing stories. There is not much that James doesn’t like, he enjoys games, arts and crafts, puzzles and trips to the park and the beach.

James can be shy at first and takes time to trust those around him but once he gains confidence, he becomes chattier and is affectionate with his carers. James is doing well at school, preferring English to Maths but shows a real determination if he finds something hard.  It took him a little time to make friends but has now formed some close friendships.

Sarah is a sweet and caring 4-year-old girl who loves to look after her babies. She loves Peppa pig and dressing up and will happily role-play for hours. Sarah can be quite serious at times, taking time to trust and get to know someone before she shows her beautiful smile. Once she knows you, she has a great sense of humour and an infectious giggle!

Sarah has just started school which she enjoys and has settled well. Sarah loves trips out to the beach and adventure parks. James and Sarah were both diagnosed with Waardenburg syndrome at birth. The main implication of this is on hearing. James has slight impairment to his left ear but this does not seem to be having any significant impact currently on him. No hearing impairment has been detected with Sarah.

Jack is a cheeky and adventurous 2-year-old boy who is more outgoing and confident than his brother and sister. He is very affectionate and seeks a lot of reassurance from his carer. Jack likes more energetic games, preferring to play outside in the garden or at the beach making sandcastles.

Jack enjoys his scooter and trampoline and exploring and learning new things. He is progressing well with his development and already talking clearly.

Archie - a smiley 1-year-old boy

A baby holding his hand up while sitting in a buggyArchie is an endearing, content, smiley and giggly little boy. He has been with his foster carers since birth. They are incredibly fond of him and he has developed a strong attachment to them. He loves interacting with people, greets everyone with a huge smile and clearly enjoys their attention.

Archie’s favourite things include sitting in his ball pit and playing with interactive books and toys, especially dinosaur books and farm toys, and watching sensory lights. He also loves listening to calming music such as nature sounds and classical musical, particularly when he is about to go to sleep. Archie’s foster family have a pet cat and he loves the cat snuggling up to him when he has a nap.

Everyone in Archie’s life is proud of him, and Archie loves a fuss being made of him when he achieves a new milestone.

Archie is currently being assessed for his long-term health and development needs. He requires adopters able to parent a child with additional needs and with a level of uncertainty about his health. He can be the only child in the home, or with much older children in the household. It is highly likely that he will need one parent to be able to be at home with him.

Archie’s foster carers have said he is ‘incredibly rewarding to care for’. He now needs the opportunity to be part of a permanent and loving family home.

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"When the social worker told us we had a son it was jubilation. It was unbelievable." - Sarah K