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Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

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Sam and Elly*


Sam is a happy, playful and confident three year old little girl. She is creative, fun and outspoken and has bags of energy and imagination! Sam’s preferred place is at being at home, however loves being around other children in nursery and plays with them well. At home, she loves playing with her dolls house, watching TV shows films and especially likes Bing, Peppa Pig and Ferdinand. She enjoys role play and loves her toy kitchen and dressing table. Sam has many soft toys in her collection and lots of magic tricks in her tool bag! She enjoys pretending to make food and tea for others, hiding in her tent or just being running around in the garden. Sam is a lovely natured little girl who lives a lasting impression on everyone who meets her.

Elly is an adorable baby girl who is growing and developing beautifully into an engaging, vocal and curious little girl. Elly loves being surrounded by people, being held and spoken to. She enjoys her bath time best or just outside in the pram.

Elly and Sam are placed in separate foster placements however the plan is for them to be adopted together as a sibling group. Their relationship is currently supported through regular sibling contact when Sam and Elly get to enjoy tender moments together supported by their respective carers.

Although there are no health concerns for Sam and Elly, they are two young children with distinct sets of physical and emotional needs. They are both still highly dependent on their caregivers therefore they will need a two-parent family to support them settle in their care, recover from their early trauma and continue to build on their sibling bond.


Freddy is a 1 year old, White British baby boy, with blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and a fair complexion. Freddy is a very happy smiley boy who likes attention, enjoying others talking and playing with him. He is now shuffling on his bottom and can move very fast. Freddy is very alert and likes to watch people and his surroundings. Freddy likes a cuddle, and he will feel his muslin when going to sleep or if upset as a comfort. Freddy enjoys having a bath, splashing about in the water. Freddy likes playing on the floor with his various toys. He particularly loves musical instruments and being sung to especially nursery rhymes. Freddy is seeing a paediatrician due to his development being delayed however he is making progress and is doing really well pulling himself up to standing.

We are looking for a one or two parent household, with or without children to provide the love and care that Freddy needs and to support him in his development.


*names have been changed for the children's safety

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"When the social worker told us we had a son it was jubilation. It was unbelievable." - Sarah K