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Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

Children reading

We need adopters for children of all ages. We are particularly looking for adopters for brothers and sisters, toddlers and young children aged 4 and older, and children with disabilities.

We especially want to hear from people who could adopt children like these or who could offer Early Permanence. 

We currently have 17 children waiting for adoption - 8 boys and 9 girls.

Our latest figures for children waiting for adoption are:

  • 10 children aged under 5
  • 7 children aged over 5
  • 3 sibling pairs all the same sex - 2 sets of girls and 1 set of boys
  • 3 children with disabilities

These are real children we’re currently looking for families for. To protect privacy, we’ve changed their names.

Amy - An affectionate little girl

Girl in play roomAmy is a lovely 5-year-old girl whose beautiful smile lights up the room. Amy thrives on her carer’s one-to-one attention. She is a sociable and affectionate little girl who is at her happiest when she is being played with or read to.

Amy is a little girl who loves anything to do with princesses and the colour pink. She enjoys dancing, dressing up and if she can’t be a princess, then she would like to be rock star! Amy has made lots of friends in school and is loved by all members of staff. She is described as a resilient and determined little girl who loves learning and likes to be involved in everything that happens around her.

Amy has 'global development delay', which means that she is behind other children of her age with her development, but is catching up really fast. Amy needs some extra supervision with her eating and drinking.  She is prone to falling over but she does not let this stop her getting around and her balance is improving every day. Amy is a very determined and inquisitive little girl, who will not allow anything to hold her back. Amy uses Makaton and pictures as a means for communication, but can easily make her needs known and understands everything that is said and going on around her. Amy’s foster carer says she is a joy to care for. She enjoys her great sense of humour and her bright and happy disposition. Nothing appears to phase Amy and she deals with everything with a smile.

Amy needs adoptive parents who would feel confident in advocating for her, but most importantly, who would be able to love and support the funny, loving and playful little girl that she is.

A comprehensive support package will be offered upon Amy’s placement for adoption; this will include adoption allowance, funding for Makaton course, speech therapy, swimming sessions and additional activities to support Amy’s development of coordination and mobility.

Bobby - A lively little boy with a lovely big smile and chatty nature.

Boy in playroom

Bobby is 4 years old. He is of White British/White Lithuanian heritage.

What makes Bobby stand out is his lovely big smile and chatty nature to go with it. Bobby is a lively young child, making the most of every situation. Bobby enjoys a wide range of activities such as riding his bicycle, cooking, singing, digging up and watering plants and playing with his Lego. He prefers people to play with him than playing alone. Bobby can struggle to concentrate on one game at a time as he needs to be on the go.

Bobby has just started school in September and at Nursery, he enjoyed and interacted well with others. Bobby is a confident speaker and uses lots of words however sometimes he isn’t very clear with his speech. It is felt that with some consistent encouragement and support at home and at school he will make good progress quite quickly. Bobby appears to be in good health and is developing well.

Bobby’s behaviour can become a little challenging at times when he feels stressed or scared as he hasn’t been taught how to manage this yet.

Despite Bobby’s experiences it is important to note that he is making progress and we believe that with consistent love and care he will catch up and reach his full potential. Bobby needs fun, patient, therapeutic adopters who can help him to calm his energy and emotions allowing him to have some meaningful play and cuddles. In return he will be an affectionate, fun and very rewarding little boy to care for.

Ella, Lucy and Jack - Smiley children who love exploring outside.

Boy and two girls holding hands in park

Ella is five-years old, Lucy is four-years old and Jack is two-years old. They enjoy playing together and their faces light up when they have not seen each other for a while. They love to explore outside together and will offer each other lots of cuddles.

Ella is a smiley and caring little girl. Ella loves dressing up and playing with dolls, and would like to be a ‘princess’ when she grows older. Ella needs some help with her learning and her speech can sometimes be hard to understand, but she is gaining in confidence.

Lucy is a lively and energetic girl with a beautiful smile. She would happily spend hours playing with her babies and loves role-play, often babysitting her brother and sister’s babies as well. She is a bright girl who can be strong minded, but has a great sense of humour.

Jack is a cheeky little boy with an infectious smile. Jack loves to read and his favourite time of day is his bedtime story. He also enjoys playing with balls and building with his bricks. Jack is always on the go and full of energy.

Ella, Lucy and Jack need energetic and attuned adopters who can offer encouragement and unconditional love to three different children with different needs.


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